Sana can’t read between the lines!
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  • November 15, 2012
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Looks like with every sunrise, Bigg Boss brings about a new facade of the housemates!This time it was Sana, who after after being mocked by the entire house over petty issues, could not hold her annoyance any longer and her grief went rocketting. 

According to Sana, her docile nature and let-go attitude has made her win accolades at a very young age and her work is a testimony to that, but she somehow does not see the same transpire in the house. 

While a few mock her about how she cannot read between the lines, the rest laugh at her behind her back and think of her lowly. Yesterday, while she was out for a walk with Delnaz, she could not hold back any longer and burst out crying , talking about how she takes the day as it comes and keeps quiet which gives the housemates a chance to mock at her. While she was conversing with Delnaz, parallely Urvashi was seen explaining to Vrajesh and Mink that Sana cannot take a stand of her own. While she was best of friends with Karishma at one point of time, she left her without any hesitation to join Urvashi's gang as she knew that her gang was much powerful.

Well, let's see how many more layers of character, do the housemates peel-off in the coming days



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