Sampurna misguides Bondita again.
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  • February 8, 2021
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This week on Barrister Babu, we see Anirudh playing Bondita’s favourite outdoor game just to bring her out of the room. In this process, he meets with an accident. Even then, when Bondita doesn’t step out of the room, he is heartbroken. On learning about the accident, little Bondita holds herself responsible for her Pati babu’s accident and takes a decision to leave the RC Mansion. While on her way out, she stops by Munshi’s house where Sumati is locked in, and through a divine intervention she reaches to open the door. When Bondita is about to break the door, Sampurna walks in and stop her saying that she has found a solution to her problem. She asks her to sacrifice all her luxurious items like sarees, jewelry and keys to the tijori if she wants to get rid of her curse.

Going forward, Bondita is elated to see no blood-stains and assumes that the curse is gone. Bondita then gets ready to go for Saraswati Pooja, wearing the clothes sent by Trilochan. Bondita also promises to Anirudh that she will make up for all the time lost without studies. However, Bondita shocks everyone as she steps down in her old clothes, refuses to do the Saraswati aarti, and even returns the responsibility by keeping the Tijori keys on the thaal. Not just this, Bondita also declares that Sampurna is equally deserving of doing the aarti. Trilochan cuts off her ties with her and stops her from calling him Kaka-sasur, and Bondita is distraught.

Later, Anirudh is shocked when Bondita returns the books and tells him she is giving up studies as well and refuses to explain her stance. However, Anirudh realizes that there is something else that is bothering Bondita and he decides to find out. What will Anirudh’s next steps be?

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