Sameer Soni roots for Niketan!
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  • January 12, 2013
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Sameer Soni, who came into limelight when he entered Bigg Boss 4 as a contestant, is rooting for Niketan to win this season. A very shy person by nature, Sameer was named as the mute contestant of his season and his biggest controversy in the house was when he had a verbal spat with Dolly Bindra. Well, in that season everyone had at least once! 

When asked about his favorite this season Sameer said, “Niketan seems to be one sorted guy. He has conducted himself really well and if it’s about who has been the easiest on the eyes to watch, Niketan comes first on my list.” Sameer definitely relates to Niketan on many terms since like him, even Niketan has been a reserved player and is the quietest contestant in the house this season.

Overall, Sameer thinks that Bigg Boss is a structured reality show and the housemates never know what exactly is been shown outside. He also went on to share his experience in the house. “It was one of the best experiences of my life. It’s a fabulous show, the kind of challenges they throw at you everyday. It’s also interesting to observe for how long a person can stay in his comfort zone. Bigg Boss shakes you up and it brings out the best and the worst of a person’s personality. Tricky part is, you never know which trait of your personality is being shown on TV and what kind of opinion are the viewers building on it.”

Sameer also shared his opinions on Imam and he thinks that he is a very interesting person. “I think Imam is a highly creative person and the antics he has done in the house makes him responsible for the rise in TRP of the show. Also, he’s very provoking. He has himself stated that he’s here to play the game and this is his strategy. He instigates the other housemates and waits for them to react. Some let it go like Sana and some give back like Rajev has been doing.”

We couldn’t help but ask him if Imam were to be part of his season will he be able to live with him, he replied, “Hmm…it would be interesting to see how he tries to shake me up and get a reaction out of me. But then, I have lived with Dolly Bindra in that house, which says enough!”

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