Same task for nominations and luxury budget this week on Bigg Boss 11!
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  • December 25, 2017
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Tonight on Bigg Boss 11 Hina Khan will be seen reading out the letter from Bigg Boss. One gets to know that this week there will be just one task which would be to decide the nominations and for the luxury budget.





As per the letter, garden area will have a nomination dome and one housemate would be asked to sit inside it. That particular housemate will have to keep a close watch on the completion of 42 minutes inside the dome, now since there is no source to calculate the time the housemate will have to do the guessing through his own calculation regarding the same and then press the buzzer before coming out of it.



The housemate whose assumption of time calculation would be the closest or correct would be declared safe from nominations this week!





On the other hand the job of other housemates would be to distract the housemate sitting inside the dome so that he/she can have an error while calculating. This means the person inside the dome needs to remain focused throughout.



Isn’t it too interesting? But it isn’t easy as it sounds.



Stay tuned tonight to watch how the task is actually executed.

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