Salman’s emotional journey on JDJ9
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  • November 5, 2016
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The journey of Salman Yusuff Khan is pretty much different than the others on JDJ9. The current season contestant has previously been the one to dictate the coordinates of dance routines as a choreographer on this show. Not to mention he has done exceptionally well at that feat.




However this time the challenge for Salman is bars and bars high for the simple reason called- expectations. When a contender comes this far, it's but obvious that both the judges and the contestants want to witness a 100 percent mark. 






But unlike expected, Salman has not been able to fetch himself the perfect score each time which lead to a certain disappointment within him. The pressure to deliver seems to building at a racy speed. The stage has been his home for several years and he has been keeping away from his family and little son just so that he can give all. But somewhere the technicalities of the competition are getting the better of him.








This week, you will see the game flip and watch how when from the sweat of hard work and unflinching faith a performer emerges, he becomes someone to watch out for. His performance from the night will win him standing ovation and even make KJo utter- 3 things: This is it, Block buster, Perfect!








Well, looks like this is really going to be one nostalgic episode. Tune in tonight at 10PM on JDJ9!

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