Salman Khan’s day as a barber changed a life forever
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Thirteen years ago Qurban Ali lost both legs in a train accident. The tragedy not only changed his life but made it worse. So much so, that he had to shut his only source of income – his hair cutting salon. But nothing can deter his courage and he started running a paan-bidi stall to earn money. But, for a family of four, the measly sum that Qurban Ali earns doesn’t suffice. For all these years, Ali has gone through a tough time to earn a living for the entire family. Not just that, doctors have suggested that he can opt for Prosthetic Knee Joint that can help him walk again, the only problem now is the operation fee that costs around Rs. 2.75 lakhs. Qurban could never imagine to pay this mammoth amount and is torn between fulfilling his family’s needs and the dream to be able to walk again.. His current business doesn’t cover up most of the expenses and his medical bills just add on to his financial woes.
But as the saying goes, ‘This too shall pass’, Qurban Ali’s life changed overnight, when Colors decided to lend a help with Mission Sapne, where one celebrity earns money for a common man by doing their work for a day. The channel multiplies the amount 100 times and gives it to the one who needs it the most. For Ali, it was the Dabangg star Salman Khan who volunteered to help him. He took up Ali’s earlier profession of cutting hair for a day to make money for him. “When I was told that Salman Khan will do my work, I was happy beyond words. “The Salman Khan” was to take up my job and help me financially. I was both amused and bemused. I couldn’t have imagined this even in my wildest dreams. People go mad just to have a glimpse of him and here, he was coming to my doorstep to ease my woes,” said Qurban Ali with joy.

An overjoyed Ali confessed that this opportunity not only came as a blessing but made me popular in my neighbourhood as well. My neighbours and realtives were overjoyed. They couldn’t believe it. Everybody later started asking me, if I had actually met him!” Ali added.

Salman happily gave hair cuts to his fans on the roadside and managed to make Rs. 7, 80, 000 rupees in a day. “Such a big actor gave hair cuts and hair massages on the roadside to help me – this shows his generosity towards other human beings. He has a big heart. I pray for him everyday,” said an overwhelmed Ali.

Ali was almost in tears when he recalled what Salman said to him on the show.“I was very touched when Salman said he’ll help me with prosthetic legs.  He said, the money that I have earned for you, use it for other purposes. Don’t spend it for the treatment of your legs.  I will help you with prosthetic legs,” Ali told us.

Salman’s help came as a blessing for Ali. He owns a permanent shelter now. “There has been a huge improvement in my condition. I have bought a one room flat in Delhi. At least I have a permanent shelter now,” Ali concluded with a sigh of relief.


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