Salman Khan lenge sabki khabar!

Salman Khan lenge sabki khabar!

This week was full of surprises, unexpected fights and friendships especially Asim and Sidharth’s aggressive face-off. The environment created was not healthy as one needs to survive in this competition.

Likewise, Salman Khan has made a note of every action and reaction happening in the house. And now, everyone has to face the consequences of their behavior in Weekend Ka Vaar where Salman points out Sidharth-Asim’s violent acts. Salman Khan also challenges them to wrestle against each other in a ring so as to settle the issue for real. Finally, who will win this battle? Will this fight make them realize about their mistakes?

Also, Shefali was questioned in detail about what went wrong as sanchaalak in the captaincy task. Salman Khan dissected the matter thoroughly and proved how her decision made things even worse. Now what will happen next? Find out tonight...

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