Salman Khan gets upset with Swami Om on Bigg Boss 10’s Weekend ka Vaar!
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  • November 26, 2016
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Tonight, Salman Khan asks the housemates to nominate any one contestant for the Khalnayak Kursi. Manveer instantly takes the name of Swami Om and others follow. Later on, Salman asks Manveer if he supports the boycott of Swami Om, to which, Manveer agrees. Needless to say, Swami Om is unanimously voted as the Khalnayak. Salman doesn’t seem surprised either.


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Salman asks Swami Om whether he realizes that he is at fault since everyone voted his name without thinking even once. Swami Om says that the housemates had already decided to vote his name. Salman reprimands Swami Om for his double standard behavior where on one hand he is nasty with housemates while on the other hand he apologizes to the camera.


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He adds that nine housemates boycotted him in the house and the audience might be thinking the same about him. Swami Om answers back saying that despite these nine people boycotting him, he will still win. Salman finally says that his nasty behavior can definitely not be counted as entertainment.


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After a lot of back and forth argument between Salman and Swami Om, Salman gets totally irked and walks off. The housemates also lose patience and start shouting at him for his behavior. Will Swami Om learn anything from this or will he continue with his bad behavior with others?

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