Sabar ka Phal Meetha Hota Hai! #BB Saath-7 Synopsis Day 89
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The day kicks off and the contestants find it unbelievable that their fellow housemates Kamya and Sangram continue to live under the box. Tired of them being inside the box, Ajaz and Armaan threaten to throw more trash at them to make them move. Kamya and Sangram also eventually get tired of staying crouched inside and decide to step out of the box with mutual agreement. Seeing them emerge, all the contestants congratulate them on their achievement. 


Later, in the afternoon, Bigg Boss calls the housemates to the living area and tells them that the task would be considered a draw because neither Kamya nor Sangram let the other person win. The contestants are then informed that they would need to vote for their favourite contestant between Kamya and Sangram and that the contestant with the most votes would be considered the winner. The entire house vote for their respective favourites, but it’s a tie once again. In the end, Bigg Boss asks Andy, as captain of the house, to vote for his favourite and finally a winner is selected. 


Unhappy with the outcome, Ajaz tries to instigate the contestants against Andy saying that the latter is playing a shrewd and dirty game. He also adds that Andy’s sharp mind could make him a potential winner. While Ajaz is discussing this, Tanishaa is seen getting annoyed at Armaan because he is spending more time with her ‘enemies’ inside the Bigg Boss house a.k.a. Gauahar and Kushal. 


Soon after, another task is introduced for the buying of items for the luxury budget wherein the housemates have to wear binoculars and play football. The ball carries items and the contestants get a total of five minutes to complete the task. As the task begins, the housemates start kicking the ball into the goal. However, Bigg Boss soon cancels the task because the contestants are caught cheating by peeking through their binoculars. 


While Armaan along with the other housemates are seated in the garden area chit-chatting, Tanishaa makes a sudden exit from the conversation creating an awkward situation for Armaan. He soon finds Tanisha seated in the lobby of the washroom and out of concern, he decides to discuss the matter with her. 


Tanishaa point blank tells Armaan that his closeness towards Kushal and Ajaz has been bothering her and advices him to maintain a distance from them. Armaan, however, disagrees with Tanishaa and tells her that she is dumping her personal issues on him. He also tells her that she might not like to spend time or talk to the other housemates, but he can’t pick a fight with others because of her ego. When Tanishaa fails to understand Armaan point of view, Armaan tells Tanishaa that he will not talk to any of the counterparts if that is what she is expecting out of him. To this Tanishaa reacts by removing her mike and breaks down alone in the washroom.


As evening approaches, Bigg Boss announces the Revital task for which the contestants are divided into two teams. Both teams are asked to compose a song that best highlights their journey on the show. They are then called to the activity room where they are asked to perform the songs that they have created. 


As the day draws to a close, Armaan and Tanishaa continue to remain upset with each other and even go to sleep without eating dinner. Ajaz and Sangram tried to make peace between them, but they ignore them and head to bed. 

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