Sab Kuch Ulta-Pulta #BB Saath-7 Synopsis Day 93
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Day 93 kicks off, for the first-time-ever, at 3AM! The groggy housemates are then called to the living area by BIgg Boss and their next task called ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ is announced. Marking another first for the season, the contestants will be performing this task individually. Every contestant is called into the Confession Room separately and given a badge containing the name of another housemate. 


 As a part of the task, every contestant is required to live the life of person whose badge has been given to them. Owing to his immunity upon winning the previous task, Sangram has been asked to monitor the task. Furthermore, the housemates are informed that they will not be allowed to sleep or rest until the task is over. The main crux of the task is that the housemates need to carry on with their daily routines while being extra careful to ensure that they are not breaking any of the rules of the Bigg Boss house. In case of a folly, the contestant whose badge the wrongdoer is wearing will lose a point. Understanding the importance of the task, all housemates decide to follow the rules of the house. 


After some time has passed, Kushal begins to feel sleepy and wants to take a nap. However, Gauahar stops him from doing so reminding him about the implications of the task. While Kushal understood her stance at this point, Sangram soon caught them conversing in English causing them to lose points for the contestants whose badges they were holding. 


A little later in the day, Ajaz hits Kushal with a pillow because the latter was trying to get some sleep. Kushal follows Ajaz into the garden area in order to take revenge and a pillow fight ensues between the two until Gauahar intervenes and stop them. However, she is not fast enough about Sangram notices them and makes a note about them spoiling property of the Bigg Boss house. 


As the evening approaches, Sangram is called to the confession room where he puts forth the mistakes that the housemates have committed throughout the day. 


When Kushal is eating his food, he takes an onion from Armaan. But, Gauahar takes the onion back from Kushal and places it back in Armaan’s place. Kushal gets annoyed at Gauahar for spoiling his meal and walks off. Gauahar tries to reason with Kushal to resolve the matter but he asks her to keep away from him because she was being mean to him. Gauahar feels offended upon hearing this and tries to end her relationship with Kushal. Ajaz also tries to make Kushal understand, but Kushal ignores him. 


According to the feedback that Sangram has given, Bigg Boss deducts points from the contestants. Seeing the situation, Armaan gets irritated with Kushal because he believes that Kushal is breaking the rules on purpose. Kushal then claims that he wants to quit the task, but Gauahar calms him down and the two sort out their differences. 


Armaan also picks a fight with Tanishaa because he feels that she has been ignoring him. They then decide to maintain distance from each other. But, soon they clarify their stands and forgive each other. 


Towards the end of the day, Bigg Boss calls Armaan into the Confession Room and speaks to him about an emergency that has arisen outside. He goes on to inform him that Armaan will have to leave the Bigg Boss house immediately for the matter. 


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