Saaya confronts Kareena on ‘Shakti’
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In the previous episode, we saw Preeto up to her usual evil ways as she grabbed at another chance to humiliate Saumya, trying to remind Harman that Surbhi is the one he’s meant to be with. Preeto asks Harman how he likes the pulao and to guess who made it. Harman says that there are only two people in the house who can cook as good as this, Preeto and Gulabo (Saumya), and that it’s so delicious that he could kiss the person’s hand who made it. He goes on to say that the smell of the pulao makes it obvious that it’s Saumya. Preeto cuts him short and lies to him that Surbhi made the pulao and that he should stick to his word and kiss her hand. Harman walks past Surbhi and grabs Saumya’s hand instead and tells Preeto that he could never be wrong about this and he recognizes the unique flavor which just keeps getting better each time she cooks. Surbhi lets out a wry smile as Preeto looks on furiously. Harman then walks away. 




Saaya confronts Kareena and asks her where she has been. Kareena lies to her that a kinnar baby has been born in a family and she was called over to their place. Saaya, visibly infuriated, slaps Kareena. Saaya threatens Kareena and tells her to leave Saumya alone. Kareena tells her that Saumya betrayed her trust and she deserves revenge, that no one can stand in her way, not even Saaya. Surbhi has a conversation with Harman and tells him what he did earlier was the right thing to do and she respects him for that, but she also tells him that things like that only happen because everyone suspects their marriage is just a false front and to convince these people that everything is alright between them. She tells him that they don’t have to be close but they can pretend to be a happily married couple in front of them so as to ensure that Saumya is not humiliated further. Harman doesn’t trust her words and feels like Surbhi has an ulterior motive and she is just playing nice. He makes it clear to her that he will never pretend to be happy and stand by his words to make his affection with Saumya known to everyone. 





Chintu is playing outside near a haystack and he accidentally starts a fire. After putting out the fire, Maninder shouts at Chintu and tells him to go back home. Chintu gets teary eyed as his mother tries to console him. He then admits that he doesn’t like it there and he wants to go back home. Saumya steps in and promises Chintu that she will take him to his father. They go back to his bedroom where she puts him to sleep by singing a lullaby. Surbhi walks in and looks at them with a smile on her face and wonders if someday Saumya will be able to have a family of her own and be happy.


Will Kareena act on her desire for revenge? Will Surbhi’s desire to see her sister happy ever come to fruition?

Keep watching ‘Shakti’ on Colors Mon-Fri at 8pm to find out.

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