RV blackmails Zoya?
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  • November 19, 2018
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Of shocking spins and murder mysteries, tonight on Bepannaah, we see that everyone is in shock due to the sudden murder on Harsh Hooda. Anjana curses Aditya for killing his own father. The cops who are already present at home arrest Aditya and lock him in jail. Zoya reaches the police station and is constantly trying to convince the cops that Aditya is not the culprit, however, they tell her that even bail isn’t possible here. While Nani and RV are celebrating, Aditya breaks down in front of Zoya and tells her that he hasn’t killed his Pa!


Later, Arjun and everyone gets a shock when they see Zoya with Aditya at the cremation ground. Pandit asks Aditya to perform the last rituals but Aditya's hands are shaking. Just then, RV comes there and snatches the torch from Aditya’s hands and gets Arjun and himself to light the pyre. After the rituals, Aditya is taken back to jail. Post all this, RV tells Zoya that he can save Aditya on one condition. What could this condition be? Tune in to Bepannaah from Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm!

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