Ruku threatens to kill herself!
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Ah! The things that people do for love! In Na Bole Tum-2, we have been seeing Vasu’s growing concern for Megha, which is puzzling for both of them. But in this growing friendship, Ruku is definitely feeling left out as angry, ever since Vasu is showing Megha the affection that Ruku feels she deserves. 

Vasu has tried to put her fears to rest by claiming that he doesn’t have any feelings for Megha, and has even proved that the man in the photo with Megha is Mohan, Megha’s husband. But right now, Ruku is beyond all explanations and justifications, and wants a commitment from Vasu. And in a bid to win his undying love, Ruku will try to set herself on fire in front of Vasu! 

After proving that he didn’t have an affair with Megha as Ruku suspected, Vasu will leave the Vaidya house. But that will not be enough for Ruku, who still feels that Vasu does not take her love seriously. And to make him realize the extent of her craze for him, Ruku will douse herself with kerosene and try to commit suicide.

But if she expects Vasu to melt and rush into her arms after this crazy act, she is sorely mistaken. Vasu will try to help Ruku in her bid to end her life, by lighting a match and moving towards her to set her on fire. But don’t worry, Vasu will not have Ruku’s blood on his hands. Ruku’s life will be saved by someone she considers her worst enemy, Megha. 

Vasu will see Megha just as he is about to scare Ruku with the lit match, and as always, Megha will succeed in bringing out Vasu’s better side, and Vasu will drop the idea of teaching Ruku a lesson. Phew! But sadly, Ruku will think that this is a confirmation of Vasu's love for her, and as a result, she'll be in seventh heaven!

So don’t forget to watch as Vasu is pulled between two women, as it will be interesting to watch how this love (?) triangle pans out. 

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