Rukmini Baa is just like me: Daisy Irani
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  • May 7, 2013
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With the entry of Rukmini Baa in the Vaishnav family in Sanskaar, we saw Ansu Baa hassled for the first time ever. Rukmini Baa, who is Ansu Baa’s sister-in-law, has stirred things quite a bit with her sudden entry into Ansu Baa’s house. And veteran actress Daisy Irani, who plays the role, is loving it!

“I accepted the role of Rukmini because I really liked it. I also like the show Sanskaar and I’ve been watching it for a while now. One of the reasons that I took up the role was because Rukmini is just like me”, says Daisy Irani.

When we asked her about her character, Daisy had this to say- “Rukmini is strong, bossy, and is very tradition bound. But she is also more open-minded and accepting than Ansu Baa.” And then, tongue firmly in cheek, she adds, “I love the fact that Rukmini can be the boss of Ansu Baa, and that Ansu Baa becomes very timid in front of her.” 

Though she has started shooting recently, Daisy is already fond of the cast of the show. She says,” I like Sonali Sachdev (Parul) and Shamin (Bhoomi) and I find them very sweet both on and off camera.  I also have tremendous respect for Aruna Irani as an artiste so it’s good to work with her.” That’s some serious bonding across generations, we say.

Rukmini Baa, though she started off opposing Bhoomi, will be seen supporting Bhoomi in the future. Bhoomi will be seen helping Rukmini Baa when she starts choking on some food. And this will convert Rukmini Baa into a staunch Bhoomi supporter, much to Ansu Baa’s disappointment.

So Daisy Irani is all set to make things a little more interesting in the Vaishnav house. And we can’t wait to see what she does in the future!

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