Rudra will explore his loving side post marriage: Ashish Sharma
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We saw them get married and while the wedding wasn’t an ideal one but still seeing Paro and Rudra together made our hearts soar with happiness! We got in touch with the young and handsome Ashish Sharma who plays Rudra and he spoke in length about what’s to happen next. Check it out!
What is Rudra planning to do?

Rudra isn’t the one who plans. He doesn’t think before making an act, he just reacts in the heat of the moment. Rudra cannot be defined as a person who will plan and think before doing something, that’s against his character.

Will Rudra take test of Paro’s love?

Destiny is going to test both of them actually. And since Rudra is a kind of a person who doesn’t think before acting, he will be facing some odd moments which will confuse him. He hasn’t explored the other side of him that is love. Instances with Paro will make him realize he can be different too and slowly and gradually she will change his angry demeanor.

You took 8 vows with your on-screen wife Paro. What about your vows with real life Archana? Do you think you’re fulfilling it all?

I hope so! (chuckles) I think I am but it really is a question for my wife Archana. But I did make a special vow to her during our wedding and that was to be her friend before being her husband.

If you had to rate yourself on 5, how good a husband are you?

Well, I try to be the best. Who doesn’t! But if I had to really rate myself I would say 2.5/5

What can fans expect from Rangrasiya post the much-awaited Paro-Rudra wedding?

Fans can definitely expect a lot of bitter-sweet moments between Rudra and Paro. There will be a lot of sweet, funny and full of ‘love’ fight scenes. So do watch out!

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