Roop and Shamsher in trouble?
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This week on Roop, we see Rupesh declaring that his property has been transferred to Roop. Everyone is shocked when they get to know that their plan has failed. Roop who is equally shocked wants to speak with Rupesh in person to understand more. Rupesh, however, convinces Roop to accept this decision because he doesn’t want Ishika and Roop’s relationship to break. Will Roop accept his decision?


Going forward, Roop comes to Waghela house and decides to accompany his father for a court hearing. Back at the Patel house, Vaishnavi gets a shock on seeing Praful who was in jail entering the house in anger. Before Vaishnavi could call Roop, Praful snatches her phone and throws it away. He locks her in the room and they plan to cement Rupesh and his family behind a wall.





In the jeep, there’s an awkward silence between Roop and his father. After reaching the outskirts of the city, the car goes out of control and they realize that the tyres are punctured. Roop notice a man shooting Shamsher from the other side of the jungle and saves him by ducking down to the ground. Goons follow them in jungle whereas the continuous gun firing results in an injury on Shamsher's leg. Here, the family members are trying to reach Shamsher and Roop, but their numbers are not reachable. Later, we see that Roop sending their location to Ishika with the help of that digital watch. Will she be able to find him?






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