Roop and Ranveer get into a fight?
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This week on Roop, we see that Roop has been arrested by Ranveer. He requests Ranveer to release him but Ranveer calls the media to the police station instead. Everyone from the media asks him questions that embarrass Roop. Shamsher enters then and eventually asks the media to leave. He is so angry that he is about to beat him with a stick but Himani holds him back and requests Shamsher to release him by handing him the bail papers. Simultaneously, Ranveer lets Ishika know that Roop is his brother and that he got posters stuck outside the house, so she is forced to marry him.


Shamsher asks Roop to make false statements against Ishika to save his image but Roop disagrees and leaves. Patels are happy as Ishika agrees to marry Ranveer. Roop, on the other hand, decides to write a letter to Ishika to clear all the misunderstandings. Going forward, Roop threatens Ranveer and asks him to confess that he wanted to marry Ishika and he was the one to create misunderstandings in the first place. Shamsher disagrees for Ishika being Ranveer’s wife, however, bua convinces him and they call the Patels at Vaghela house!






What happens next? Stay tuned to Roop from Monday to Friday at 10 pm.

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