Ronit Roy and Ram Kapoor live on the edge at ITA
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They're known for their serious roles and their impeccable portrayal of mature characters on television. Ronit Roy and Ram Kapoor both command a certain amount of respect whenever they saunter on screen as their respective characters. But turns out, all of that is a façade and these veteran television actors are quite the goofballs off camera! Not to mention, they totally adore each other.
This mutual admiration club between Ronit and Ram was pretty evident for the world to see during the Indian Telly Awards function. When these two accomplished actors took the stage to host the Indian Telly awards, everybody thought that it would be a serious ceremony. On the contrary, it was a rollicking affair, the highlight of which was when Ram planted a big kiss on Ronit Roy which left everyone aghast!
No no guys, don't worry. Ram is happily married and has no intentions of coming out of the proverbial closet. All this action was the result of a bet between Ronit and Ram. Both these television icons were nominated for 'the best television personality' award. And to make this nomination even more exciting, they had a bet going between them that if Ronit won an award, he would be rewarded by Ram with a peck. Also, if Ram won an award, Ronit would hug him.
But it was Ronit whose luck shined and he took home the award and also won a big sloppy kiss from Ram Kapoor in front of the who's who of tellydom. This short lived affair continued for a while in front of their respective wives, till Ram realized that they should save the rest of their love for their wives.
So it seems that The Indian Telly Awards not only acknowledged the best talent that television has to offer, it also brought latent feelings of affection in front of the public eye.
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