Romantic dream sequence in Balika Vadhu# Weekly Recap 11th Feb- 16th Feb
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Last week in Balika Vadhu, after seeing police with Ganga, Ratan Singh tries to run away along with his family from the back door and flees in a jeep. Shiv and Jagya along with Ganga and police run behind the jeep but lose him in between. Jagya brings Ganga to Jaitsar while Shiv goes behind Ratan Singh.

Later in the day, Shiv returns to Jaitsar, albeit alone. Ganga runs up to him and starts to enquire about her child. Shiv informs that he could not catch hold of Ratan Singh but assures that he will be caught soon. Listening to this, Ganga breaks down.

Shiv returns home dismayed and expresses his grief over Ganga’s situation. He blames himself for raising Ganga’s hopes by promising to get her child back but not being able to live up to her expectations. Anandi listens to Shiv patiently and then comforts him by telling him that he will soon be able to catch hold of Ratan Singh.

Next day Choti Maa timidly asks Anandi about her and Shiv’s relationship and Anandi reflexively says that she loves Shiv. It surprises Anandi to know that gradually she has finally fallen in love with Shiv and starts day dreaming.

In the night, before going off to bed, Jagya notices Ganga sitting at the porch alone, lost in thoughts. He goes up to her and asks about her health but Ganga tells him that she can’t feel for anything apart from her child.

As the conversation rolls, Jagya tells Ganga about how he betrayed Anandi’s trust and spoilt her life. But Ganga tells him that not only Anandi but he has also betrayed Gauri’s trust. Listening to Ganga, Jagya gets disturb and decides to go to Mumbai to meet Gauri.

At Shiv’s house, as Anandi is about to confess her love for Shiv, Jagya calls up and tells them that he is leaving for Mumbai. Anandi scolds him but Shiv insists on considering Jagya’s decision.

Next day while everyone is looking for Jagya in the house, Anandi and Shiv arrive. Anandi informs everyone that Jagya ahs gone to Mumbai to meet Gauri and apologize to her.

Listening to Anandi’s decision to let Jagya go, Dadisa gets disturbed and blames Anandi for letting Jagya go back to a selfish woman. Anandi gets distressed and reassures everyone that Jagya is a changed man and will comeback after clearing his conscience, but nobody believes her.

Will Dadisa forgive Anandi for letting Jagya go? Will Anandi be able to confess her love for Shiv to him? Will Ganga be able to meet her child? Only the coming week will tell!

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