Roli-Sid to don a new avatar! #SSK
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  • May 12, 2014
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In the process to acquire Bhardwaj house, land Mafia Jwala Devi is making life difficult for the Bhardwaj family. But as usual, the Bhardwaj bahus Simar and Roli never give in to the evil. Last it was seen that Bhardwaj family had called the media to disclose the facts about Jwala Devi — how she is forcefully acquiring lands from people and how she is not the right person to become a leader. They were to produce a video in front of the media where she was threatening Mrs Verma to death.
But unfortunately, the phone that carried the video of Jwala Devi threatening Mrs Verma was stolen and replaced by another phone at the last moment. Hence, Roli and Simar failed in their attempt to unveil the reality of Jwala Devi. But as usual Bhardwaj bahus won’t give up. Roli-Siddhant and Prem-Simar are now on a mission to find evidence against Jwala Devi. They plan to go to Jwala Devi’s house. But knowing the fact that sneaking into Jwala Devi’s villa won’t be that easy, they make a plan – to dress in disguise to enter into the danger zone. Four of them dress up in lehenga and dance in front of Jwala Devi. Do they manage to get evidence without getting caught?  Stay tuned to Sasural Simar Ka to know what happens next!

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