Roli returns to the family! Sasural Simar Ka Recap 17th-23rd July
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After Veeru shot Simar, Jhumki tried to stop him from confirming her death, but Veeru found out that Simar was playing dead, and tried to kill Simar, Jhumki and Bantu. But Khushi betrayed him and took Bantu away, and Veeru had to chase after her. (Watch the scene here)

Veeru shot at Jhumki, but was arrested by the police, who arrived just in time. Simar saw some girl who was kept in a bad condition in one of the rooms of the haveli, and decided to investigate. The rest of the family was getting worried about Simar, and when Prem called Simar, the captor heard the phone ring, and ran out to look for her, which gave Simar a chance to meet the imprisoned girl. Simar was shocked when she found out that she was Roli, and was overjoyed on seeing her alive!  (Watch as Simar is reunited with Roli)

Simar saved Roli from her captor, and was leaving with her when two goons came into the badi haveli to look for their partner. Simar tried to fight them off with a stick, but the two goons taunted her about not being able to save her sister, and tried tying her up. (Watch Simar’s struggle here)

But Simar was saved by Jhumki and Bantu, who thrashed the goons and saved her. Jhumki and Bantu were awestruck when they saw Roli in person, and the trio took Roli home.

When Simar reached home, the whole family questioned her, but she said that she had a surprise for them, and revealed Roli to the family, and the family was shocked to see two Rolis in front of them. But Siddhant was very happy to see his Roli back, and the two had a very sweet reunion. (Watch as the couple reunites)

Roli collapsed because of exhaustion, and the doctor declared that she was in a very bad condition, which worried the family. Mataji yelled at Jhumki for betraying their family, but Simar defended her and told the family that she had come only to get the property back from Veeru and Khushi. (Watch the family’s reaction here)

The family thanked Jhumki for her help and Jhumki also said that she had gotten a new family with the Bharadwajs. Prem was annoyed at Simar for not taking his help but Simar consoled him and told him that there was not time to call for help, and the couple made up.

When Mataji declared that there would be no wedding, Jhumki piped up and taunted Mataji about talking about being fair and still being unfair to Jhumki by cancelling her wedding to Siddhant. The family failed to talk Jhumki out of it and it was decided that the wedding would take place. (Watch as Jhumki gets her way)

On the wedding day, Jhumki surprised the family by dressing up Roli as the bride and getting Siddhant to marry her. The family loved the surprise and blessed Jhumki, and Siddhant and Roli happily got married. (Watch the ceremony here)

When the happy couple took the family’s blessings, they realized that Jhumki was missing. Simar saw her dupatta and a good bye letter from Jhumki in which Jhumki had thanked the whole family before leaving. (Watch Jhumki’s tearful farewell here)

Roli fainted from the exhaustion of the wedding, and also went into hysterics when Siddhant tried asking her about who had kidnapped her. (Watch Roli’s fear here)

Roli also had nightmares about the mystery woman who tortured her, and looking at Roli’s condition, Siddhant vowed that he would punish whoever was responsible for Roli’s nightmares. On the other hand, the mystery woman declared that the Bharadwaj family was her enemy and that she would destroy them. 

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