Roli has to choose between love and family (Weekly Recap: 9th Jan-15th Jan)
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In the last update, we saw how Roli was caught by Siddhant in the club after Khushi's meddling. The drama continued this week with Siddhant demanding an explanation about Roli's behaviour and declaring that she had broken his trust. Rahul tried explaining the situation but he was roughed up by Siddhant, who asked him to stay away from his wife.

Back home, Roli refused to divulge anything about her club outings even after the whole family questioned her. Simar refused to believe that Roli had done anything wrong but still asked Roli to tell the truth to the family. Roli stayed silent  so Khushi jumped at the chance to insult Roli and loudly told Veeru that she was playing a double game by being the ideal bahu on one hand, and dancing with another man in the club!

Khushi also announced to the family that Roli was tired of living a life of hardship and taunted the family about their family bonds breaking down in poverty. Khushi continued her insults, saying that even though she was a bar girl, Roli was worse than her as she had hidden the truth from her.

Siddhant found these taunts unbearable and urged Roli to answer Khushi. Manoranjan tried to explain but Roli cut her off and defiantly said that she was tired of compromising with the Bharadwaj family's poverty and wanted to live a comfortable life. 

She left everyone shocked by saying that her marriage with Siddhant and her ideal bahu avatar was a farce. Simar tried explaining to her that she would get into trouble but Roli brushed her off rudely and asked her to mind her own business. Siddhant left the room, heartbroken, and everyone followed.

Siddhant went into the family room and broke down over Roli's outburst, while Simar, Prem and the rest of the family tried to console him.On the other hand, Khushi was gloating over the success of her plan in front of Veeru, who was lost in his own thoughts. While Khushi was convinced that she had divided the Bharadwaj family, Veeru believed that Roli actually wanted to live a luxurious life with him. Veeru ignored Khushi's happiness and reminded her about the handover of the shop again.

Manoranjan and Roli were alone in the living area, where Manoranjan was worried that Roli's behaviour in front of the family would sabotage her marriage and family life. Roli tearfully stressed the fact that she was on the final stage of their plan and couldn't afford to back out.

Khushi interrupted their conversation and taunted Roli that she had finally managed to win against Roli after many efforts and said that her punishment was that she would live without the support of her family. 

Roli was in tears as she was worried if her family would forgive her after what she had done. Manoranjan consoled her saying that she was doing what was best for the family. Simar, too, was upset as she couldn't believe what she had seen. Roli saw Simar coming towards her, and started talking rudely to Manoranjan, earning a slap from Simar for her rudeness!

Simar once again questioned Roli about the truth but Roli still stuck to what she had said earlier.Simar left, and Roli broke down on remembering Siddhant's condition. The Bharadwaj family was still in shock over Roli's antics. Roli came into the room and set her mattress away from the family, giving Simar and Siddhant another shock. Khushi saw this scene unfold and went away, satisfied.

The next morning, Manoranjan convinced Mataji to let Roli eat breakfast with themm Mataji agreed but ordered Roli to sit away from the others, as she didn't consider her a part of the family. Roli was in tears over this, but Manoranjan gestured her to keep calm. Simar noticed these gestures and suspected that Manoranjan was in on Roli's secret.

Veeru went to the lawyer's office and asked him to draw the legal papers for Khushi's property. The lawyer warned Veeru not to be influenced by anyone but Veeru didn't pay heed to his advice. Siddhant was sitting alone in his office, tortured by the memories of Roli's disclosure. In his anger, he broke a glass and seriously injured his hand. Naina came running in, and tried to bandage Siddhant's hand but he yelled at her to leave him alone. Naina didn't budge and finally Siddhant allowed her to treat his bleeding hand. 

Back home, Veeru handed Roli some legal papers and Roli was very happy, thinking that they were property papers. But she was aghast on discovering that they were in fact, divorce papers for Siddhant and her. Veeru told her that he would get Khushi's property transferred to his name as soon as she divorces Siddhant. 

After Veeru left, Roli decided that she would not divorce Siddhant at any cost as she had already hurt him too much. But just then, her subconscious appeared before her and reminded her that her mission was the only way in which she could get the family's property and Simar's baby back. Roli tried to argue that divorcing Siddhant was out of the question, but finally gave in and decided to do as Veeru said. The ladies of the house were busy in preparations for Makar Sankranti and Mataji assured everyone that even though they were poor, they would celebrate the festival like they did before. Roli hid behind them, trying to gain Manoranjan's attention to talk to her about it. But she couldn't as everyone was around her. Roli hid the divorce papers under a flower pot, which Simar noticed, but she was called by Mataji before she could investigate.

Simar's mother-in-law noticed that Simar was upset over Roli being alone, and assured that Roli would mend her ways soon. On the other hand, Prem's aunt issued an ultimatum to Simar to choose between Roli and the family. After giving Roli the divorce papers, Veeru was day-dreaming about getting Khushi's property when Khushi caught him red-handed and questioned him about it. Veeru was left speechless as he had no explanation to give.

With the show poised at such a crucial juncture, the next week will tell us if Veeru is successful in breaking Siddhant and Roli's marriage or Roli succeeds in her mission to save her family. (Watch a sneak peek here)

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