Roli gets kidnapped by Veeru! Sasural Simar Ka Weekly Recap 13th-19th March
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Last week, Simar shocked Naina by revealing that Roli was her sister, and now she went a step further and defended Roli’s actions, much to Naina’s chagrin (Watch the revelation here) Simar was in a dilemma as Naina requested her to get Siddhant back to her, while Siddhant asked her to convince Naina to leave him alone. Roli, on the other, fulfilled the final step of her mission by transferring the property to Mataji, touching everyone’s heart.

Prem had some good news for Simar as he got the loan to get the family business back on its feet. As the clock struck 12, Roli and Prem surprised Siddhant and Simar on their anniversary by decorating the house. (Watch the romantic moment here) But the moment was ruined when Roli got a blank call from an unknown number, who Siddhant suspected to be Naina. After sharing his suspicion with Simar, Siddhant left to confront Naina about the blank calls. But this plan backfired as Roli was accosted by a masked stranger in her room (Watch the scary scene here)

Khushi warned the family that Veeru was Roli’s stalker but the family warned her not to scare Roli. In the morning, Mataji decided to surprise Roli and Siddhant by arranging a wedding for them in the garb of a puja. Siddhant helped Roli get ready in a romantic sequence (Watch Roli-Siddhant’s romance here

On the other hand, Naina found out about the puja and set out to stop it even after Simar requested her not to spoil Roli’s big day. The family left for the temple leaving Roli and Simar behind, but Siddhant was not willing to leave Roli behind because of all the blank calls that she received.

Once the family reached the temple, Siddhant saw Naina approaching the family and convinced her not to reveal anything to the family (Watch Siddhant’s confrontation with Naina here)

Back home, Simar left Roli at home after getting a call from the pandit to get some material for the puja. But she was shocked when she found out that someone else had called to get Simar out of the way (Watch Simar’s realization here)

Naina came home to meet Simar but instead met Roli as Simar was out. Luckily for Roli, Naina saw Roli get into a car that Veeru was driving and followed her. Khushi too, saw Veeru driving away with Roli and called Simar to warn that Roli’s life was in danger. Roli, on the other hand, got the shock of her life when she realized that Veeru was her driver and was taking her towards a cliff (Watch the thrilling sequence here)

Now with the Bharadwaj family trying to save Roli from Veeru and him being adamant about getting his revenge, it remains to be seen what is in store for Roli. Will Roli survive this crazy act of Veeru? Watch a sneak peek here!

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