Roli gets caught by Siddhant! (Weekly Recap 2nd-8th Jan)
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This week saw the culmination of the 'laddoo wars' going on between Khushi and Simar. As both their orders were ready for delivery, Khushi vowed not to let Simar's order reach the wedding on time. When Veeru refused to help, she called Raghu dada, a goon, to hijack Simar's consignment on the way. On the other hand, Prem left with the tempo with Matarani and Mataji's blessings.

Roli was exhausted after working all night and was about to faint, but Khushi saw this and ordered her to work. As the ladies of the house were busy cleaning, Veeru found out from his call records that Khushi had called Raghu dada to hijack the tempo. He immediately thought that this was the best opportunity to win Roli's trust and called her to the terrace immediately.

When Roli reached there, she was shocked to hear about Khushi's plan. At first, she was not ready to believe Veeru, but Veeru showed her the proof, after which Roli rushed to warn the family. Since Prem had left his phone at home, Simar and Roli went out to look for him.

Prem’s tempo was stopped by policemen at a nakabandi and they were told that the tempo couldn't go any further. When Prem went to talk to the policemen, Raghu dada and his accomplice drove away the tempo, with Prem in pursuit.

Khushi got the news that Simar's sweets had been stolen and she was happy that she would get the contract. In Bhardwaj house, a worried Mataji held her hand over the lamp and vowed not to remove it till Khushi's plan was foiled.

When the goons were driving away with the tempo, Simar and Roli spotted them and followed them, finally making them stop in an opening. They demanded that the goons hand over the tempo but were met with taunts about being weak women who should give up on their demand. This angered Simar and Roli who then got into a scuffle with them. They thrashed the two goons with sticks, but one of them overpowered Roli and she got hurt.

Back at the wedding, Khushi assured the caterer that even though Simar didn't deliver on her promise, Khushi's sweets would be there soon. But when the tempo arrived, it turned out that it was Simar with her tempo!

Khushi was shocked to see them there but Simar calmly gave the laddoos to the caterer. He was very happy with the quality and promised her that all his future orders would go to Simar. After he left, Roli revealed how they had rescued the tempo and Simar and Prem warned Khushi that the family would stand up to all of Khushi's misdeeds.

Back home, the trio handed over the payment to Mataji and narrated how Roli got hurt while rescuing the tempo. Just then, they heard an enraged Khushi coming home and went to investigate.

In her anger, Khushi grabbed Simar's baby and threatened to throw her off the balcony to punish the family for getting the contract. While the rest of the family pleaded with her not to do so, Simar calmly asked her to talk to the 'Baal Vikas Sanstha' on call. Khushi was terrified but when she snatched the phone from Simar's hand, she realized that Simar had fooled her to stop her from hurting the baby. After Khushi left, Simar collapsed, and vowed to win against Khushi. In the Bhardwaj's room, Siddhant and Roli made up once again as Siddhant tended to Roli's wounds. He prodded her to reveal if something was bothering her, but Roli didn't reveal the truth about Veeru.

As night fell, Roli sneaked off on her mission to the disco, and Veeru too, got ready to leave, ignoring Khushi's rant. When Khushi asked him about where he was going, he shooed her off, asking her not to interfere in his matters. A suspicious Khushi followed Veeru in a taxi but lost track of him after a while.

Meanwhile at the club, Veeru tried convincing Roli to be with him, but she refused and danced with Rahul. Veeru was hurt by her taunt about him not being rich, and promised that Khushi's property would be in his name soon.

After a lot of searching, Khushi finally arrived at the club that Roli and Veeru were at. And many hits and misses later, she saw Roli in her modern avatar, dancing away with Rahul. Needless to say, Khushi was shocked out of her wits and refused to believe that it was Roli. Finally, she went back to the house to check, and on finding Roli missing from the Bhardwaj room, decided to break the news to the household.  

When Khushi came back home, the family heard her screaming and rushed down to see what the matter was. Khushi ran down, claiming that she had a nightmare which caused her to scream. She also thanked the entire famiy for being concerned about her, with the exception of Roli, who was nowhere to be seen. The family was terrified with the thought that Roli was missing, and they tried to look for her.

Manoranjan tried calling Roli but being in the club, Roli couldn't hear her phone ringing. After the family's failed attempts at searching, Khushi gleefully told them that she knew where Roli was at this late hour. The family didn't believe her but then decided to go with Khushi to prove her wrong. Manoranjan also tried calling Rahul, but failed as Rahul was distracted by Veeru threatening the bar tender. Roli managed to calm him down and promised him that when he was rich, she would be with him forever. Veeru left the place but saw Khushi coming towards the club with Simar, Prem and Siddhant. He rushed inside to warn Roli but she refused to listen to him and asked him to leave.

At the same time, Simar and Siddhant demanded to know why Khushi had gotten them there, as it was impossible that Roli would be at a club. But they were shocked when they saw Roli, dancing merrily with Rahul!

What this disclosure will spell for Roli, only time will tell!

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