Roli doubts Veeru’s intentions! Sasural Simar Ka Weekly Recap 3rd-9th April
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After Mataji’s promise to Naina that she would be treated as an equal in the family, Siddhant had to see her sonography report, but he thought about having a baby with Roli and was heartbroken. (Watch Siddhant’s distress here)

On the other hand, Roli was restless as she didn’t believe Veeru’s claim of being her husband. She walked out of the house when the maid was sleeping, and had memory flashes of her life with Siddhant. She also met an old friend who referred to her 1 year old marriage, but before Roli could investigate further, Veeru landed up there and took Roli away. (Watch as Veeru stops Roli from knowing the truth)

While Naina and Khushi were happy about their plan’s success, Prem decided to find out the truth about the two.

Veeru scared Roli once again as he got drunk and got close to Roli, but sensing Roli’s discomfort, backed off and told her that he would touch her only when she was fine with it. (Watch the scene here)

Simar, in her resolve to find Roli, told the family that she had gotten a missing announcement published in the newspaper for Roli. The family objected to this move, and tried to convince Simar that Roli was dead, but Prem and Siddhant requested the family to support Simar in her efforts. (Watch as Prem and Siddhant back Simar)

The family tried to stop the ad from getting published, but discovered that it had already been printed.

Roli too, was determined to find out the truth about her marriage and ran out of the house and went to the police station. But Veeru intercepted her, which lead to a confrontation between the two about Veeru lying about their marriage. 

Veeru once again lied to Roli about her first marriage being an unhappy one where she was tortured, and convinced her that he had lied to protect her. (Watch the confrontation here)

Naina, on the other hand, emotionally blackmailed the Bharadwaj family as she talked about Siddhant’s lack of involvement, after which Sujata and Mataji asked Siddhant to forget Roli and move on in life.

Veeru had another trick up his sleeves as he saved Roli and himself from fake goons to win Roli’s trust, and he succeeded as Roli declared that she trusted him completely. (Watch as Roli is fooled by Veeru)

Roli is caught between Veeru’s lies and her own instinct. Will she be fooled by Veeru forever? Or will Simar manage to reach her sister before it’s too late?

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