Roli and Simar’s life in danger! Sasural Simar Ka Recap 28th Aug-4th Sept.
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Mataji wanted the property to be divided between Prem and the Bharadwaj family inspite of the family’s opposition. On the other hand, Roli found the old servant Birju’s house but was stunned when she heard that he had disappeared 20 years ago on Mataji’s birthday.

Roli called Simar with this information but ended up revealing everything to Janhvi, who decided to tell Shobha about it. Roli had a near death experience as someone tried to run her over, and the whole family and even Simar were tensed about Roli’s condition. 

Shobha caught Simar talking to Roli and yelled at her, but Prem defended her and even showed concern for Roli. At night, Simar and Roli both sneaked out of their houses to look for the skeleton, but failed to find it. They also saw a mystery stalker following them, but couldn’t catch him. 

Simar was bitten by the snake that the stalker had released near them, which caused her to faint. Roli risked her own life and removed the poison from her foot, and accompanied her home. They also found a piece of the skeleton and they took it for the DNA test. Shobha questioned Simar for being out of the house at the late hour, but didn’t get any reply as Simar fainted and a doctor had to be called. Roli also reached home where Mataji asked her about their search, and was shocked when she heard about the snake-biting incident.

When the doctor mentioned that someone had removed the poison from Simar’s body, Shobha once again tried quizzing Simar about it, but showed fake concern when Prem defended Simar. 

Roli asked Simar to get a sample of Prem’s DNA to match with the bone they had found, and after a lot of sneaking around, Simar finally found a spoon used by Prem. But when she was leaving to take it to the lab, Shobha confronted her and refused to let her out of the house.

When Roli found out that Simar wasn’t allowed out of the house, she disguised herself as Taar Singh, a Sikh electrician, and fiddled around the house, waiting for a chance to get the spoon from Simar. This was a difficult task as Shobha was constantly following her, but finally Roli managed to take the spoon and leave. 

The next day, Roli was expecting the results to be delivered but the lab manager asked her to come to the lab to collect the reports, and Roli left after informing Simar and Mataji about the change in plan. 

But when she went to the lab, the manager, who was being held at gun point, locked Roli in the office and released a poisonous gas in the room, which made Roli fall unconscious. Simar and Mataji, who were getting increasingly worried about Roli’s safety, told their Prem and Siddhant respectively about their plan, and all of them set out to look for Roli.

Once they came together, they split up into two groups and started the search. Finally Simar found Roli yelling feebly from one of the rooms, and broke down the door to rescue her sister. Inspite of being really weak, Roli insisted on taking the DNA report with them. They found the report torn into shreds in the office, and left after collecting the pieces. 

When Simar and Roli returned safely, Prem saw Roli’s condition and suggested that they go to his place till Roli regained her strength. Finally they came to Prem’s house, where Shobha was shocked to see the Bharadwaj family at her door.

Will this bring the Bharadwaj family together? Or does fate have something else in store for them?  

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