Roli almost gets married to Veeru! Weekly Recap 6-12th Feb
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As per Simar’s plan, Roli decided to demand the property from Veeru before getting married to him. But Veeru was busy rebuffing Khushi’s seductive moves as she tried to tell him the truth about Roli. But Veeru shocked her by telling her that he was getting married to Roli the next day. Naina, too, shocked Siddhant at their party by turning up looking stunning in a red saree.

Roli confronted Veeru about meeting Khushi, and finally he agreed to sign the property papers to win back her trust. While Roli was happily anticipating a reunion with Siddhant the next day, he was downing drinks with Naina and dancing with her at the party. When they got back to the hotel room, Naina confessed her love for Siddhant, but Siddhant imagined Roli in her place, and consummated their relationship.

The next day, Siddhant got the shock of his life when he woke up with Naina and realized what he had done. Back at Bharadwaj house, Roli unwillingly got ready for her wedding to Veeru after Simar assured her that she would not let the wedding happen. Before leaving for the mandir to get married, Veeru showed Roli the property papers that he had signed, but surprised Roli by telling her that he would hand them over as a gift on their wedding night.
Roli obviously was terrified that she would end up getting married to Veeru but left when Simar assured her that she would stop the wedding in time. Khushi unknowingly bought Simar some time to look for the papers when she blocked Veeru’s way, but Veeru nearly ran her over and rushed to the mandir. As a last resort, Khushi pleaded with the Bharadwaj family to stop the wedding. The family was shocked, and after much deliberation, left to stop the wedding. Roli waited desperately for Simar, who was unable to find the property papers. But in her place, the Bharadwaj family stopped the wedding by declaring that Roli had still not divorced Siddhant, which lead to an angry Veeru declaring that he would marry Roli at any cost.

In this situation, the Bharadwaj family and Veeru are poised for a confrontation over the wedding. To know how this ended, wait for the next update!


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