Rohit Shetty introduces a wild card in Saturday’s episode #KKK6
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  • February 27, 2015
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This Saturday we will see how Rohit ‘fighter’ Shetty will bring in some new twists in the further journey of stunts that would be even more ‘Khatarnaak’ for the khiladis! As Rohit gives everyone the shock by saying “Aaj aap sabhi log stunt Karenge”. All the contestants shiver!

The episode will also feature a new wild card entry in the show who would not just be the guest; but be equally involved to take up the challenges of different stunts. Not to prolong the curiosity, let us tell you that the new entrant in the game of fear is  'Nandish Sandhu' from 'Uttran' fame. All eyes froze on Rashmi Desai. Rohit further proclaims that though the other contestants have lived there for good three weeks fighting tooth and nail to win one task after another, Nandish wouldn’t be given any special treatment. Rather to make things fair between him and other contenders he would perform  two stunts for that day. Rohit also jokingly taunts that how he has been seeing the dostana between all the participants ,and now they would perform stunts in pairs, by fighting against each other! Hmmm.Ab dikhaao dostana!

Next we will see the stunt where a vehicle drag the contender-duos through the barren lands with the help of harness attached. Ouch!

The next stunt, where among st other pairs we see Nandish and Rashmi performing some action while being locked in a tumbling box that rotates upside down while one puts a particular kind of living creature one by one in the same box. What does that lead to? Rashmi just before that jokingly says that how she has had fights with Nandish and here again she was up with some stunt based fights.

After that follows a water stunt which is performed by Riddhi and Asha and another competing pair! What was it all about? Who all will get 'Fear Fanda' for the day?

This week seems to be even more exciting than the last one!

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