Rocky turns into a Pishach
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Episode begins with Rocky taking pheras with Rani while Pavitra on the other hand, is drowning in the well. Pavitra loses consciousness, when suddenly a divine intervention happens, as we see a pair of hands pull her out of the water. Meanwhile, Rocky feels a sudden pull and stops while taking the pheras, removes the gath bandhan and runs towards the khandar. Rocky to his surprise, finds a gang of monkeys surrounding unconscious Pavitra.  Swapna, the family members, and Rani take Rocky away for the wedding. While leaving, Pavitra tells Rocky to trust her one more time. The wedding begins and we see Rocky keeps thinking about Pavithra. Pandit ji asks Rocky to put Sindoor on the bride. In a dramatic turn of events, we reveal the bride is Pavithra and the family is in deep shock.

With all this happening, we see Rani in her terrible avatar, uprooting trees with her powers when Pavitra comes there. The night becomes scarier, as dark entities fall from the sky. Rani then explains that due to Navratri, dark creatures become weaker and go into hiding. She also reveals that she needs to become Maha Pishachini by Dussehra or else she will have to wait another 200 years. Pavithra sees the storm and wonders what is going on. In the morning, Pavithra wakes up and is shocked to see Rani has turned Rocky into a Pishach and leaps on him, only to realise she was having a nightmare. Rocky looks mesmerised by her and teases her that ultimately, she couldn’t stay away from him.

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