Rocky Ends His Relationship With Shivangi On ‘Naagin 2’
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Previously on the show, Shivangi gave the naagmani to Yamini and asked her not to harm Rocky. Sesha asked Yamini to kill Shivangi with the same knife with which they killed her mother. Yamini stabbed Shivangi in the stomach. Both, the naagmani and the knife vanished. Rocky went to Babaji and asked him to help find Yamini. Later, Shivangi came back to her real form after she disguised herself as Sesha to trick Yamini. Shivangi trapped Yamini and bit her repeatedly to kill her. Rocky arrived to see that Yamini was dying.

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Yamini revealed to Rocky that Shivangi is an icchadhari naagin and that she was never interested in having a physical relationship with Rocky because she didn’t want to lose her powers. Yamini told Rocky to get revenge on Shivangi for everything she did.

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Shivangi was seen at the Shiv temple where she promised to herself that she will tell the truth to Rocky. Yamini was revealed to be alive later as Babaji helped her by giving a kaat to resist the naagin’s attack. Rocky was looking for a way to get his revenge on Shivangi and he read in a book that if an icchadhari nagin makes physical relationship with a human, she will lose her powers. When Shivangi came back, Rocky romanced her. He woke up next morning and asked Shivangi what she wanted to tell him the night before.

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Shivangi told Rocky the truth about how Sesha, Avantika and Yamini killed her mother. Shivangi confessed that she killed Yamini to get revenge for her mother. Rocky then told her that he took away all her powers the previous night by consummating their relationship. Shivangi was shocked and Rocky ended their relationship. He called her a murderer and dragged her out of the house. Shivangi pleaded to Rocky but to no avail. Rocky revealed to his family that Shivangi is a murderer as the police took her away.

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45 days have passed and Rocky is seen sleeping in his room surrounded by snakes. Shivangi was seen in prison praying to Shivji to keep Rocky safe.


Is Rocky’s life in danger? What lies ahead for Shivangi?


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