Rocky becomes invisible – Tap to know more!
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Rocky sees Pavithra dressed up for the Puja and is mesmerised. He quickly changes the topic making Pavitra smile a little. Pavitra wishes he remains the same but is worried about Rani’s motives today. Pavitra moves forward to put nazar ka Teeka on Rocky when Shikha suddenly comes and pulls him away saying Swapna is looking for him. The family gather around the pooja area and Swapna gives flowers to all of them except for Pavitra. Rocky puts half of his flowers in her hands and winks at her but Pavitra is looking around for Rani.  We reveal, Rani kneeling on the floor in her room, and she put her head through the floor to check up on everyone below.

Pavitra’s eyes are close while she is praying but sees a blurry image and looks up immediately only to find nothing. Rani smirks and says it’s time for the biggest surprise. She pushes her head through the floor. We see Rani has dramatically dropped the patal Agni towards Rocky. It touches Rocky and he becomes invisible. Pavitra senses something, looks around and finds Rocky missing. Rani seeing this decides to move on with the next step of her plan. Pavitra frantically starts looking for Rocky. Rocky who is right in front of her thinks she is joking until he realises that she can’t see him as he sees his reflection in the mirror and realises, he has turned invisible to everyone. Rani smiling as she knows Pavitra would be busy in looking for Rocky. The other half of the Agni patal touches Sanchit and he is immediately under her spell.

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