RK’s new friend Ria #Madhubala 17th December
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  • December 17, 2013
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Madhu and Bittoo are wondering where RK is as his phone is also switched off. Bittoo finds out where RK is. RK is drunk with Ria and dancing in a bar. RK humiliates Madhu by aksing her to sign autographs and asks her to leave. Madhu is adamant to be with RK and says she will leave only when he does. RK walks out finally, Madhu follows him. RK says that he wanted to spend time with a friend and not with her and that friend is Ria. Next day newspaper is splashed with RK's news being in a desi bar on wife's birthday. RK and Madhu fight over Madhu coming over there the previous night. RK tells Madhu that he needs a friend than her right now. Madhu is hurt. RK reaches bar again and finds it shut. Ria flings a stone on him for shutting her place of solace which hurts RK on his fore head. Ria repents and put her thumb to stop the blood. Both RK and Ria come close and Ria feels the chemistry. Both RK Ria go out drinking. RK comes back home all drunk where he finds Madhu is also drunk.

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