RK’s film premiere #Madhubala 25th November 2013
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  • November 26, 2013
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Doctor examines Madhu and tells everyone that both baby and mother are all right. Then Madhu asks for RK and Radha tells her that he is also alright. RK gives Madhu the credit for him to be safe and alright and asks Madhu to ask for a wish. Madhu wishes for their kid and RK gets furious and leaves. Outside, Bittooji is talking to PR person when RK tells him not to waste any more time and not to do any publicity and release the film in ten days and also finds a small house for him to stay as they will be living there after the film flops. Madhu over hears and has tears in her eyes. RK is fuming with anger. Meanwhile post production of the film is in full swing and soon film's premiere day comes. RK asks Bittoo not to even ask Madhu to come along and leaves. Madhu gets hurt hearing this, Rk leaves and reaches the theatre for premier where media and fans are going crazy. RK is his arrogant self and very arrogantly he replies to one of the person that he should not be too excited for the film as he is there only in first half. 

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