RK’s decision #Madhubala 17th Oct 2013
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  • October 18, 2013
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RK announces in front of all family members that Madhu would not be a part of any pooja or rituals henceforth, till she completes the film. He also asks Pabbo not to engage Madhu in household work and let her concentrate on his film. Pabbo is shocked, and on being instigated by Deepali, she goes and appreciates Madhu and apologizes to Madhu and Radha. During film shoot, Madhu slaps RK real hard and RK pretends to be furious, which upsets Madhu. The spot boy on shoot is really irritated with mummyji's demands. Mummyji enquires about Simmi's role to Bittooji who puts her through to Roma and runs away. Madhu goes to the make up room and cries, and RK comes and cheers her up.

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