RK wants space #Madhubala December 11
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RK insists that Ria drops him to the bedroom.  Madhu goes up when Ria is leaving who tells her that RK loves her a lot and she should sort out their things. Next morning RK apologizes and says that he does not even know who that girl is. Madhu says I am not bother about the girl but you. RK asks her to give some space to him for sometime. RK meets with an accident on shoot where his car gets locked and he is rescued by the biker on the shoot. The biker removes the helmet and RK sees it’s Ria. Bittoo calls Madhu and informs that RK is okay and not to panic.  Madhu wants to go but stops as she wants to give RK his space which he is asked for. Everybody in the house sees the news of RK’s accident and panics. Madhu assures them that its a minor cut to which Paabo tells her that she is not learnt her patni dharm as her mother hasn’t taught her anything because she wasn’t a good wife herself. Madhu refrains Paabo from saying anything about her mother and says  that she doesn’t need to prove what she feels for RK to anybody including her. All are shocked. RK thinks of calling Madhu on phone when spot comes and informs that he called the biker girl but she did not come. RK’s ego is hurt and he goes to Ria  who says that she saved his life because he saved her from police. RK is surprised to see the bird tattoo on her arm and realizes that she is the same girl Ria.

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