RK upset with Madhu #Madhubala 5th December
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  • December 5, 2013
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RK accuses Madhu for intentionally aborting the child. They have a big argument. Madhu tries explaining him but he doesn’t understand it. Madhu is broken. Dipali tells Paabo that she lied about Madhu eating papaya. Madhu goes to Radha and asks her if she also doesn't trust her. Radha tells her that she wants to but she won't be able to help her. On the other hand Paabo and Dipali tries to provoke RK further. RK fuming with anger walks out. RK sees Madhu outside; they both have an eye contact and both are emotional. Now we see days pass and RK and madhu are still not in talking terms. RK sees Madhu's hoardings all over Mumbai. And he is not happy.

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