RK thinks Sultan is alive #Madhubala 23rd August
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Bittooji takes Madhu to some other place instead of home. Madhu is confused and scared of Sultan as she knows that she has to leave in the evening with him. Madhu is very annoyed at Bittooji, when RK enters and tells her that it was his plan to call her as he was missing her a lot. Madhu frowns with anger and wants to leave but RK doesn't let her go and locks her in the room. Bittooji is clueless about what is happening and RK tells him that he was a fool to believe Madhu and whatever she said. RK is confident that someone is definitely pressurizing her and now he also knows that it's no one else but Sultan.He feels guilty as he didn't trust Madhu when she kept saying that he is alive. He tells Bittooji to get rest of the family to the same place as Sultan can't harm any one. Bittooji agrees and leaves. Radha and Deepali don't have a clue about what's happening and Bittooji asks them to pack their bags and leave with him. He convinces them by saying that RK has planned for a day out with the entire family and they believe him and leave. While they were leaving, a person with a bodyguard enters the house, and Bittooji was surprised to see him there. The person was annoyed with Bittooji and RK because he is a producer of RK's upcoming film and RK has left his shooting incomplete. He promises that he will ruin his career and Bittooji is worried about it but he realizes that is not the priority right now. Meanwhile Madhu is too scared with the thought of Sultan harming RK if he doesn稚 let her go from there. She struggles a lot to leave from there but fails. RK is trying his best to make Madhu speak the truth but she doesn't reveal anything. Rk holds her tight and makes her look into his eyes and speak the truth.

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