RK Surprises Madhu #Madhubala 22nd August
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  • August 22, 2013
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RK packs his bag and Bittooji intentionally announces loudly that they are leaving for an outdoor schedule for three days. Madhu gets worried on hearing this. Radha gets to know that Madhu is alone in the house and she decides to return home. Meanwhile Dipali informs Sultan that RK isn't taking Madhu with her and he is taking the divorce seriously that's why he has gone for the outdoor shoot. Sultan calls Madhu and asks her to come and meet him. Bittooji comes back to the house and overhears the conversation and follows Madhu. As instructed by Sultan, Madhu sits in a rickshaw and the driver gives her a burqah to wear, and after a while Madhu reaches the decided location. While following her Bittooji wonders who Madhu is meeting and why she is wearing a burqah. Madhu then reaches a lane and Bittooji gets confused seeing more burqah clad women in the lane around Madhu and loses his way. Madhu meets Sultan and he asks her to leave with him as he doesn't care for divorce anymore. Madhu pleads with him for some more timeand Sultan grants it to her. Bittooji finds Madhu and sees her talking to someone whose face is hidden. He informs RK about it and RK asks him to bring Madhu to him. Madhu on her way back is shocked to see Bittooji who offers her a lift but instead of taking her home,he takes her to RK.

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