RK surprises Kuku #Madhubala 6th September
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  • September 6, 2013
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Rk goes and confronts Kukuji and Amar behl, and in return they inform him that he has been banned by the Producers Association of India. RK remains unmoved and challenges the Producers that if they decide to support him he will give all his dates to them for their respective films. Seeing that all his efforts are going in haste, he heads back home and is upset at the way he has been insulted by the producers. Madhu seeing RK in a unstable situation is worried for him and asks Bitoo to accompany him wherever he is heading. In a fit of rage Rk goes outside the PAI office and play loud music to attract the janta near by. Kukuji and Amar are shocked to see the sight when they step out. Rk is being thronged by his fans, as it is delight for them as well, seeing their superstar all ready to give away the warmth. RK tells Amar and Kukuji that he is still popular amongst his fans. He warns Kukuji that he will produce a good film while they should just wait and watch.

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