RK-Sultan’s open confrontation! #Madhubala 28th August
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Deepali is shocked as she never expected this and calls up Sultan and tells him everything. Sultan is shocked too but he decides to end this story by killing RK. Padmini comes to meet Madhu and Madhu loses her control and starts crying. Padmini calms her down but Madhu is still paranoid and RK and Padmini have to make her understand.

Madhu is still scared, and on the other hand, at midnight, Deepali gets up with a jerk as she is scared of getting caught. She calls up Sultan and speaks to him and he assures her that the next day he will take Madhubala away and not harm RK at any cost. Sultan then calls up Madhu and RK picks up the phone. This is the first confrontation of RK and Sultan where both of them openly challenged each other. The next day, everyone is ready to go but Radha is still puzzled about what’s happening. RK instructs Bittooji to let Sikky, Deepali and Radha go ahead, and the trio leave.

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