RK shoots Sultan #Madhubala 18th July, 2013
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  • July 18, 2013
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RK tells Sultan that everything that is mine can become yours except for one thing and that is Madhu. Sultan smirks and says  who says she is not mine? RK loses his cool and punches him very hard. And their fight begins.

Madhu is very scared and she is own her way with Bittooji. Sultan  hits RK real bad and he falls on the floor. Sultan removes his gun and points at RK. Sultan is about to shoot when Madhu reaches there and yells out of fear. She tells Sultan that he will have to kill her before killing RK. 

Sultan asks her to get aside but she doesn't budge. She tells him by doing this he will not be able to get her and asks him to control the demon inside him. Sultan is not ready to listen to anything. He finally throws away his gun and Madhu takes a sigh of relief and hugs RK. Sultan is unable to tolerate and in anger he again picks up his gun. RK tries to stop him and finally in defense he shoots Sultan. Everyone is shocked to see Sultan fall down the cliff. RK is shocked and yells Sultan all around.

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