RK returns home #Madhubala, Monday, 5th August, 2013
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Madhu tells Padmini that she accepts it that Sultan is dead and she has made up her mind on what she has to do. RK is back from jail. Madhu faints when RK comes in front of her and they both hug and cry.

RK understands that there is something wrong with her. She tries telling him everything but somehow she doesn't muster up the courage.

Sultan calls her and tells her to make it quick and not waste time. Madhu tells RK that how long are they going to be like this. RK finds it strange when Madhu talks to him like that. 

Radha is very upset as she hardly could even see his son. She still regrets the day when that incident took place and RK went away from her. Madhu makes halwa for RK the way Radha tells her as she wants RK to eat halwa made by his mother. She also forces Radha to take halwa for him in order to mend things between them.

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