RK-Madhu’s romantic date in jail #Madhubala 23rd July, 2013
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RK is handcuffed and taken in judicial custody. Everyone is very upset when RK is taken away. Marathe and Madhu sarcastically taunt each other. Later Bittoo realises that media will come rushing to them so they quickly leave from there. When they enter RK mansion, Padmini is waiting. Madhu looks at her and starts crying.  Padmini calls her down and tells her to be strong.   

Joshi gets RK to the jail and asks him to leave his belongings outside.  He feels really bad but he is helpless. Madhu packs a tiffin for RK and takes that for him in the jail. She tells everything to Padmini who is shocked to know the entire mess that Sultan created.  Bittooji takes Madhu to the jail.  She tries to create a romantic ambience for RK but he denies from meeting her as he never wanted Madhu to see him like this.  But eventually he agrees to meet her. 

They spend  special time with each other forgetting everything else.  Next Day Madhu decides to go  and meet Marathe.  Bittooji is not much convinced with the idea of the meeting but eventually relents.  

Madhu enters his office and tells him to stop going behind RK as if he is some criminal.  The way he speaks to Madhu is too cocky which makes her feel uncomfortable. Madhu remains stern. Marathe tells her to become a lawyer but she highly dislikes the way Marathe talks to her. 

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