RK-Madhu ki picture ka The End! Weekly Update – 4th Feb to 9th Feb
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The week began with RK-Madhu spending the last night in village. RK and Kaka are shown drinking local alcohol as they discuss Kaka and Tai’s love story. After an awkward conversation, RK heads to the room only to find Madhu dressed up in Mumtaaz-style sari. Here comes in the dance sequence, watch as Madhu performs on Bindiya Chamkegi for RK.

Next day, RK and Madhu bid farewell to Kaka and Tai and head towards home. Before entering RK reminds Madhu of her promise to go away with him and both reminisce the time spent together. On seeing her mother, Madhu feels overwhelmed and looking at Madhu so soppy Dipali figures that there is something fishy. Watch here to know if Dipali finds something.

RK asks Madhu to buckle up and control her emotions till they leave. They then decide to write letter to their parents explaining their need to leave and in the end RK reads Madhu’s letter. Watch here to know what Madhu wrote to Padmini.

On the last day of their stay, Madhu finds a letter and a sari from RK and follows the instruction mentioned in his note. She dresses up in the same sari and goes to say her goodbyes to Radhaji. She thanks her mother-in-law for being so supportive and both Radhaji and Dipali are left confused by Madhu’s behavior. Dipali later finds RK’s letter to his mother Radhaji and on opening is shocked to see the content. Watch here to know what was in RK’s letter.

Madhu reaches the chawl and in a whirlwind of emotions reveals the plan to leave to her mother. Padmini is shocked to hear it at first but supports Madhu on her decision. She praises her for being a strong woman and an understanding wife to RK and requests Madhu to complete the vidaai ceremony. Watch Madhu’s vidaai in this video.

Madhu reaches the spot she and RK had chosen for the wedding and RK comes there to receive her. He walks her till the mandap and they start off with the wedding rituals. First, they exchange varmalas and then sit in mandap and follow Panditji’s instructions. Afterwards, Panditiji asks them to get ready for phere and since they have already taken chaar phera before, this time the ritual begins from the fifth phera. But as soon as Madhu moves forward, she realizes that RK hasn’t moved and looks back to enquire. Watch as RK backs out of the wedding.

Madhu gets the shock of her life as RK goes on to reveal his plan of revenge and how he had never forgotten the four slaps. She is left shattered on hearing RK’s vicious deed and doesn’t believe him at first. RK claims to have avenged his insult and frees her from the so-called marriage! Watch as RK betrays Madhu in this video.


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