RK is called the illegitimate son #Madhubala 10th July, 2013
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Sultan notices the picture, Radha starts shivering with fear. She gets paler, starts sweating and collapses. Before Sultan picks up the picture, Sikki sees Radha and holds her. Sultan too runs there and Deepali very smartly picks up the picture and tucks it in her sari. Sultan takes Radha to her room and takes proper care of her. 

Next morning, Madhu and RK get to know that Radha isn't well and they immediately leave for home. On the way RK reads a newspaper and is shocked to see the news which says 'RK is the illegitimate son' and fumes in anger. When he enters home, Radha in a state of shock is watching the same news on TV. RK smashes the TV on the ground.

RK storms out of Radha's room and looking at him Madhu gets worried. RK messes up the entire room searching for something and finally he finds a gun. Madhu is shocked to see a gun in his hand.

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