RK goes missing #Madhubala 14th January 2014
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  • January 13, 2014
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Madhu reaches hospital and finds that its Padmini. She takes her along with her. On the way Padmini asks Madhu about RK. Madhu replies saying he is busy and calls him but his phone is switched off. Madhu is worried. Bhujang gets restless when he discovers that KRK  is not even at his house. He smirks and says , now KRK will come searching for him. Madhu gets Padmini home and takes her  to  the guest room. Madhu comes out and Paabo starts taunting her saying she doesn’t care about her husband. Paabo also taunts Padmini  by saying that she is not bothered about her  son in law but has come to get her seva done. Padmini over hears when Madhu gives it back to Paabo. Radha for once takes the charge and asks to stop it. Paabo leaves fuming. Siki asks Dipali for money for alcohol as RK is not around to ask for money. Dipali doesn't give. Madhu gets Padmini to the room and finds out her Jewellery missing whichRK gave her. Siki is drinking when Dipali gets to know that he stole to get alcohol.

Bhujang and his man put KRK's mom's picture stating she is missing and a prize money for the one who gives  information about her. Radha is stunned to know that  theft has taken place in the mansion. Paabo blames Madhu for creating the drama. Padmini comes out and gives it back to Paabo by telling her not to say anything against Madhu. Than Paabo decides to fast till RK doesn't come back and decides not to eat or drink.

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