RK gets to know about the plan #Madhubala 5th Nov 2013
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  • November 7, 2013
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Siki goes to RK and confesses. Madhu reaches home and a journalist near Madhu’s house showers questions on Madhu on RK's condition. Madhu is still unaware of his bad health. Madhu gets in the house where she is stopped by Pabbo. She doesn't want her  to meet RK and wants to throw her out of the house. RK comes asks Pabbo to stop and throw the real culprit out and not Madhu. RK looks at Siki and tells him to confess. Siki spills the beans that Amar and Kukuji didn't want RK's film to be made and right from the beginning all the mishaps are planned by them. All are shocked. Kukuji keeps denying it. Radha slaps Kuku. Police arrests Kuku and Siki. 

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