RK gets paralysed #Madhubala 6th Nov 2013
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  • November 7, 2013
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Madhu is apologizing to RK whe she realizes he isn't talking and she tries to turn him. RK falls and is unable to move. Madhu is shocked to know RK's condition. RK cries but Madhu assures him that she is with him always. Madhu snuggles RK and sleeps in the night. Next morning when Madhu is taking breakfast for RK pabbo stops her but seeing Radha around she changes the talk and says as if Madhu is not letting Pabbo take food for RK. Madhu tries to reason it out with Radha when she says that she doesn't trust anybody anymore. Madhu and RK trying to be chirpy and behave normal when the newspapers are splashed with RK's disability. Mehul comes and is worried as the film is not complete and a lot of work of RK is pending. Mehul suggests making the film Madhu centric. Madhu is shocked.

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