RK gets bail #Madhubala, Wednesday, 14th August, 2013
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Bittooji provokes Madhu by talking ill about RK. Madhu can't tolerate it and she slaps Bittooji which makes him realise that she still loves him and he pleads in front of Madhu and asks her to leave RK. Madhu tries being rude to Bittooji but is very guilty for whatever she is doing abd feels helpless. 

Madhu finishes packing and walks down. Radha is surprised but doesn't know what's happening. They all see the news on TV about RK and Madhu separation which leaves Radha is stunned. While watching the news RK and Bittooji enter the house and without talking to anyone he walks away from there.

Madhu is sitting in her chawl but there is no one there so she leaves. While she was leaving she sees RK's movie poster at the chawl and gets emotional..Sultan once again emerges there and she is startled. Sultan tells her that he wants to see the divorce paper and tells her that RK is free from jail and he is home.. Madhu gets happy but tells him that the divorce papers are home. 

Sultan warns her that he is just out of the jail but not safe. Madhu is comes back home and Radha asks her a lot of questions but she is in the rush to meet RK. She enters in excitement but then realises that Sultan needs the divorce papers. She starts looking out for it but can't find it anywhere.

RK has the papers and tells her he knows it is all nonsense and she is playing games with him. If she would have loved Sultan then they wouldn't have been so happy after marriage ….Madhu tries not letting her feelings reflect on her face.

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