RK gets angry at Madhu #Madhubala 25th oct 2013
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  • October 26, 2013
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Madhu takes a bite of the food and says her dialogue. As the scene gets over she runs from there. RK feeling bad for Madhu he runs behind her. Madhu throws the food out of her mouth and tells RK that she is done her bit of the heroine and Now she plans to return home to do her duty as a bahu. RK tells her that when she is on teh set things will happen according his wis and and he tells everyone that the shift has been extended and they will be shooting all night. Madhu gets really upset as she desperately wants to go home and complete the rituals. She takes Roma's help and they plan to sneak out of there and come back  before her scenes start. Roma tells RK that Madhu's lehengha needs fitting so she will take time to get ready. RK gives his solo shots. Post the shot he looks at Madhu's picture and realizes that he was harsh on her. He runs out towards Madhu's room to apologize. Madhu has reached for the karwa chawth rituals. Pabboo and Deepali are surprised to see her there. Radha is happy to see her at the pooja on time. They start the rituals and after completig the first half of the pooja Madhu and Roma are about to leave for shoot when RK reaches there and is fuming with anger. He yells at Madhu for making a fool out of him. Madhu tries justifying herself but RK loses all his control. Radha tells him not to talk to her daughter in law so rudely. RK snaps at Radha telling her that her bahu has already broken the fast. Radha is hurt and Madhu doesnt know what to say.

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